Hello, hi, hey there


thank you for stumbling on my little corner of the world…


i’m siri…

A new(ish) wife. A trained journalist turned part time blogger these days. And a former dancer who still fancies a little bit of Zumba every once in awhile.

I’m also a girl just trying to navigate a (still feels new) life! I’m currently tagging along some of the time, as the husband does his job in Northern Iraq, a totally alien place to me, and I’m learning how to make a house and home all at the same time, both abroad and at home in Dubai.

I’ve blogged on and off for about 7 years on various blogs I have let die, I’ve taught and taken part in a lot of dance for the last decade or more, I’ve worked on a couple of movie sets, and enjoyed a brief stint in the magazine world! I love a personal project though, and with my new life of constant commuting between my home in Dubai, and my temporary home in Iraq, I keep being drawn back into the lovely, inspiring, always evolving world of blogging. So here I am picking it up again and hoping to maybe bring a little bit of laughter, thought, and my current obsessions, to you.


i love blogging…

… and the blogging world, about as much as I love a good iced latte (grande, single shot, full cream milk please)- and that’s a whole lot.

I’ve made this little space to blog about my fashion and beauty favorites (sometimes), the struggles and joys of building a home (a lot of the time), my new found love of decor, my attempts to travel (whenever I can please), all things friendships, relationships, and you know, all the other things that trying to be a lady is all about.

I hope you’ll stick around and join me on my journey of growing into life in a totally new environment, trying to keep my hair curled and my head high, through it all!

Lots of love!

Big hugs xx