My Nighttime Skincare Routine


Ah, night time skincare routines.

Are you really a blogger or YouTuber these days if you don’t have a night time skincare routine?

I’m not sure if this was really a ‘thing’ in generations past, but it’s most definitely a thing now. And a very confusing thing at that.

I’ve worked and re worked my routine many times, fearful of things like retinol and confused by the infamous hylaronic acid, but I’m still very much learning. So here you go, my work in progress nighttime skincare routine (don’t copy it because I have no idea if it’s good or not, but hopefully something will be useful!).

Origins Original Skin Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb

I’ve already written about this amazing range of skincare in an earlier post, and I maintain every word of that now. I love the smell, the texture, the way that this product just glides onto my skin like silk. I literally look forward to putting this moisturize on at night, and that’s pretty much the only thing that makes sure I don’t miss a night!

Clinique Moisture Surge

Now, the fact that I use two different moisturizers on a daily basis is no reflection on the moisturizers themselves, they’re more than sufficient on their own. It’s totally one hundred per cent a reflection on myself and my inability to decide, and also of course, my love for both products. This moisturizer is indeed a surge of pure moisture, its gel like texture is now my preferred texture for a full face product, it sinks in, cools your skin, and really, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for everyone!

Origins Original Skin Essence Lotion

Paired up with my favorite moisturizer (which I fully realize is not limited to being a night time moisturizer at all), I always love really patting on this soft watery essence and feeling quite luxurious in the process. This is quite literally the first and only essence I’ve every used, and whilst I don’t know much about the effectiveness of an essence (although I hear its quite popular), I very much enjoy using one, and really, considering how long this one bottle lasts me, that’s all that matters.

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum with Willowherb

This serum has a beautiful thick but not too thick gel like texture, and I have to say I do prefer a serum like this over an oily serum, and I probably used a fair bit too much every night! But this may be one of my favorite all over face products of my current skincare routine so it is going exactly nowhere.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Despite the fact that oily serums are not my favorite, and I am a wee bit afraid of using too much oil on my face, I do really like this holy grail product. I feel like it works, and I feel like it’s really quite pure and nourishing. The oil sinks in so quickly that it no longer bothers me, and the lovely deep blue bottle feels very quaint and old fashioned and harkens back to a time of more luxurious, more prized skincare.

Clinique All About Eyes

Alright, I have to preface this by saying, I don’t use ALL my eye care products every single night. That would be a little crazy. I only use all of them on some nights. Other nights I pick and choose two or three. What can I say? I am obsessed with eye creams. I always have been. I think eyes are the first place to show age and stress, they get the most tugs and pulls when applying your daily makeup, and they’re the only area I get more stressed about skin wise. So yes. I may be a bit over the top but I think it’s working so why not!

First up, is my trusty Clinique pot. Like its companion the Moisture Surge moisturizer, this a wonderfully scent free, really fresh feeling product that glides on easily, deeply moisturizes, and really would work for almost any skin type. I liberally apply it and wait for its delicious moisture to get soaked right up! It may not pack a huge punch in the bags, circles, and lines department but its thoroughly nourishing and that suits me just fine.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye

This eye cream is the holy grail of holy grail eye creams for me. I had heard endless testimonies to its effectiveness at really brightening up tired eyes and erasing all the nastiness we can be prone to in that sensitive area, but I was throughly impressed to discover that when I finally joined the club, it really, really worked! At least for me. I can instantly see a difference the next morning when I’ve applied this products, and so I guess it’s all the in the name. Midnight recovery indeed.

Kiehls Youth Dose Eye Treatment

This is a new product in my eye routine line up and because I already had some real winners in there that I use alongside it, I feel like I can’t comment too much on it’s effectiveness. Like all Kiehls products however, it feels nutritious to the skin, expensive, and like I am really treating myself to a quality product. I’m waiting to see if with time I see some real results or changes as well.

Boots Botanics All Bright with Hibiscus Refreshing Roll-On

I like Boots Botanics and any Boots own brand products to be honest, but I can’t say they’re necessarily amazing in any particular way. This roll on is refreshing though, if just for its floral over tones and its metal rollers and so I find myself using it every night more for the ritual and routine of it and the sensation of the cooling metal roller, more so than the product itself. Plus the packaging makes me feel all swish and minimal and earthy and that can’t hurt right?

Clinique Even Better Eyes

I use a minimal amount of this because I’m not a massive fan of the texture (it feels a little more like makeup, like maybe a very very faint concealer rather than an eye cream). The metal applicator is nice if you were to really build it up under the eyes maybe before makeup, but since I don’t use it during the day I take a few little drops on my finger and use it where I think I need it most for circles and such. I think it’s effective but the jury is still out! 

Clinique All About Eyes Eye Serum De-puffer Roll-On

This was the first eye roller eye cream I bought myself and so I’ve stuck with it as an old favorite. It’s not particularly remarkable and it doesn’t do anything the plethora of other eye products I use doesn’t but it’s refreshing, sleek looking, and become a habit! 

Kiehls Butterstick Lip Treatment in Pure Petal

Oh I love these. I was not disappointed when I cracked this open. It’s such a pretty and unusual little lip balm with just a hint of color, but so natural feeling, from it’s application to its presentation, and I see this becoming a firm favorite for a long long time to come. I can’t stand dry lips whilst I also don’t have intensely dry lips, so this strikes the perfect balance of being moisturizing but not sticky. And the best bit is, it manages to retain its new product look even after use! Which is so refreshing after the usual drugstore lip balms which turn gritty and gross looking super fast, honestly making me less inclined to use them. I can’t wait to try out even more shades. 

Guerlain Super Lips Lip Hero

Having said that, when I’m feeling in need of some extra lip TLC, I’ve grown to really love this very fancy lip treatment from Guerlain. It’s definitely a splurge but it’s ultra moisturizing and feels just that bit more exciting and exotic than a Vaseline lip pot so I’ll keep it! 

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I’ve already waxed on about how much I love the Origins Original Skin range and I’m sure no ones not heard of how much their products are generally loved and well  received. This is one of my other personal favorites. Despite the fact that I probably over moisturize I can’t help but use an overnight mask whenever I can too and this is defiantly my go to. It’s thick without being too thick, it smells good, it sinks in quickly, and it works. What more could you want? 

Sephora Cucumber Cleansing Wipes

Ah face wipes. I know they’re a contentious issue and I do use them sparingly (usually not to remove makeup but more just to feel refreshed). I’ve tried all kinds of wipes from the very hard working Clinique Take the Day Off (the powerhouse of makeup wipes) to all the new iterations of the Nivea and Garnier and other drug store wipes. But I really fell for these Sephora wipes not because they work better than the others (they don’t) but because they just feel and smell so divinely refreshing! I need to stock up asap.

And that’s it for the moment. My routine is far from perfect or stream lined but I am keen to work on it and improve it, and you can be sure I’ll be sharing my finds as they make their way into their drawer!

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