Podcasts I'm Obsessed With

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Just a disclaimer: I am very, very, very late to the podcast party. I am, to quote my younger brother, very much a luddite in the podcast world.

But. I am now very swiftly making up for my mistakes! Perhaps I am even over compensating. I am going at podcasts full force with a Podcast app full of downloaded episodes and not enough time in the week to listen to them all. I am becoming something of an addict but a proud one. 

And I am loving every single second of it. 

Podcasts are educational after all aren’t they? 

It’s amazing how transformative they are. Yes, I know, this isn’t news to anyone but me. I just couldn’t imagine why I would enjoy listening to people speak. Cue loud quiz show buzzer. I was wrong!

And so without further rambling about my very mistaken past, here is a rundown of my favorite Podcasts of the moment and why I am loving them so much. Also, why I am dreading getting to the end of their available episodes whilst also consuming them at a very unhealthy rate. Please leave suggestions of your favorites below because I’ll be needing them real soon! 

Millennial Love 

This show was not made for me. It’s not a show about relationships, its more a show about the lack of relationships. I know I’m hardly the target audience being to all intents and purposes a wifey blogger, but nevertheless I literally cant get enough of it! I wish I had found this podcast back when I was a singleton, what a difference it would have made! Millennial Love is the most fun I’ve had in a podcast to date, and thats without even being able to empathize at all (kind of the point of the podcast but not entirely). The hosts, Lifestyle writers from the Independent, Rachel Hosie and Olivia Petter, are girls you really feel like you would love to be friends with. They’re so spunky and independent and definitely don't take themselves too seriously, which is such a breathe of fresh air. The topics range the full spectrum of anything and everything that is pertinent to the dating scene as a young person today, and they really do cover everything, with a plethora of amazing guests from Roman Kemp to Megan Crabbe (@bodyposipanda). In a word its GREAT. Go and have a listen. 

The Sunday Social

This is a bit of a newer podcast but as a long term fan of Lucy Moon, both her videos and her blog posts, which I really, really look forward to, I’m so pleased that she’s created The Sunday Social. Lucy just has such a lovely, calm way about her, and still manages to really know her stuff and get ideas across left, right, and center. I really loved the episode with Liv Purvis (another lovely, calming presence in the online world), and can’t wait for new episodes to come up! Lucy was fabulous as a contributor on The Banging Bookclub but I am actually more excited to see her here in her own space.  

The High Low 

This is a podcast that in equal parts intimidates me and inspires me! It’s a cover all news and views on pop culture podcast by two very articular female journalists, just down my ally. The topics covered are so, so variable and really, really make you think. And call me a fangirl but yes I am a total Dolly Alderton fan, 100 per cent converted after reading her tell all book, All I Know About Love. It’s so great to be able to hear even more from her, and her equally thought provoking co-host, Pandora Sykes. I haven’t heard nearly as many episodes as I would have liked at this point, because it’s definitely something I like to dedicate time to listening to, but I am excited to work my way through nevertheless. In a nutshell the High Low discusses everything, and I literally mean everything, with timely guests, covered by two very smart, very sassy women.What more could you want in a podcast? 

Deliciously Ella

I am without a doubt a huge fan of the Deliciously Ella deli in London, and of the Deliciously Ella brand in general (you’ll be seeing posts about this soon!), way back in the days of the blog, to the app, to the slew of amazing cookbooks. And a podcast is just the cherry on top for me! Another new one to the podcast world, Ella and her husband, who is as lovely to listen to and as wise as his lovely wife, cover the kind of things we should and want to know more about, but struggle to delve into sometimes on our own. From everything about gut health, to building resilience and navigating the world of health and wellness, I can’t wait to be educated and inspired by the episodes to come. 

The Good Life 

In a word, this is the cutest podcast out there. With more than a million downloads in barely two months, Sazan and Stevie definitely did us all a favor by taking their amazing relationship and chemistry and bringing it straight into an hour of thoughtful and hilarious chat, right on our phones. The Good Life is one of the first podcasts I really got into, despite it being so young, and I haven’t missed an episode as its come out yet. They are just so… heartwarming! I loved them as a couple well before their podcast came out, because come on, who can watch one of their videos together (I still remember the dolma one) and not fall in love? But the podcast just shows us a much more real, much less performance based side of the couple, and I can’t get enough of it. The premise of the podcast is simple, its about anything and everything that makes a life good. And who doesn’t need to hear a little more about that every week? 

Made Online

I’ve been in loved with Hayley Carr’s blog ever since I discovered it this year. Seriously though, where was I? I’ve definitely stalked her blog and read all the previous posts I could get my hands on, so when I discovered Made Online I was delighted and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The title says it all, Made Online is about people who have been made online, and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way. It’s a seriously fascinating podcast in and of itself but even more so for bloggers or anyone else who is trying to make their way through the confusing landscape of the online world. The two seasons episodes cover a host of online topics and have a whole ream of fascinating guests, and I can’t wait to hear all the back episodes and really learn as much as I can. 

At Home With…

Who can be a true beauty blogger/vlogger lover and not have heard of At Home With? From the queens of beauty tube, Anna Newton and Lily Pebbles, comes an absolute, to be cliche, housewives delight, At Home With. Having just put together my own first home in the last year, I just love delving into the homes and minds of all the guests and learning about what makes them and their homes tick. It’s an absolutely lovely little podcast and the hosts, who are great as individuals, naturally work so well off each other that its true a delight to listen to. 

The Fringe of It

Liv Purvis is another girl I would just love to be friends with in real life. She really comes across so down to earth, so kind, and so quirky and fun. And this fun podcast introduced me to another new blogging crush, Charlotte Jacklin. The girls play so well off each other, and like every really fun girly duo podcast, cover a whole host of subjects about being… well, human, young and female. And we all need a little help with that! 

Kalyn’s Coffee Talks 

I’ve watched a LOT of Kayln Nicholson’s vlogs and advice videos, and her coffee talks on YouTube, os I was really excited to stumble across her podcast as well. Kayln is a really inspiring voice to have and start your morning with, always pushing you to get those goals and press the reset button. The episodes are a little shorter than the rest of the podcasts I’ve listed and they’re just right for injecting that little bit of inspiration whilst you’re yes, making coffee!

That’s all for now! These are the podcast I’m currently loving and working my way through. I can’t wait to get through them and I also can wait to, because I just want them to last that little bit longer! If you have any good suggestions please list them below, because since being converted to the podcast world, I’m afraid I’m a little… addicted. 

Ah well. It could be worse! Earphones in, podcast on.