Be Back in a Bit


This is going to be a short and rambly post.

As opposed to a long and rambly post, which is of course my usual thing.

Welcome to this short and rambly and somewhat reflective post.

Here’s what I’ve realized about blogging, or any other ‘project’ we embark on- it grows with us. It changes with us. Sometimes that change and growth is slow and steady- sometimes it’s rapid and happens overnight. Kind of like my new found obsession with the Chloe Tess bag which is causing all kinds of uncomfortable growth and reflection.

I’ve written more times than I care to mention here about how much I love blogging and why I blog- and all fo those things remain true.

But my life really feels out of control right now.

And I actually mean that in a really good way.

Lots is happening, lots is changing, a new home has been bought, our every day routine, where we will spend our days, how we will divide up our time, coming to grips with a long distance marriage as necessitated by an unconventional job in Iraq- all of that is happening at the same time.

And I need to take a bit of time to sort things out.

If you’ve just stumbled on this little blog, welcome, and I am so glad you’re here. If this isn’t your first coming back, thank you, I’m so glad you’re here. If you would be so kind, please check back in a few weeks- because I fully hope to come back to this better and recharged. Content might be shaken up and changed a little bit, content might cover more areas than it had before, content may be better or worse, but hopefully it’ll be fresher and more energetic, because I’ll be fresher and more energetic.

Sometimes life gets in the way of things we love and want to give our attention to and that’s okay.

They can still be waiting, ready, patient, and happy when you get back.

So BRB blogging, see you in a bit! Love, Siri xx

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