My Plant Based Experiments


There are a few things in life that I am absolutely obsessed with. 

A few is a term I use liberally here of course. 

One of those few, is the lovely icon and inspiration that is Deliciously Ella, or rather Ella Miles, and the world of healthy eating and scrumptious food, that she’s created. 

I have to admit, as sad as this may sound, I am rather proud of the fact that I was an OG Ella fan. I was checking back on her blog and using the app before Deliciously Ella became literally, a household name, and I am really quite happy about that now, because every new product that comes out feels a little more like its mine somehow. 

I was super, super excited when the first cafe opened and it was literally the top of my ‘things to do’ list on my next trip to London that year. It’s on my ‘to do list’ (yes, right there are the top) on every trip since. 

I can’t remember how or why I stumbled across the old school Deliciously Ella but I was immediately drawn in, as were many probably, by her really inspiring story of how she used food and nutrition and lifestyle changes, to radially transform her health. I found myself celiac at about the same time, and it was a little bit of a traumatic experience for me having to you know, give up croissants. So I found myself even more taken with the idea of enjoyable lifestyle change, delicious health, and every thing else that the brand stands for.

It’s not a perfect transition. I still love to eat three Crunchie bars in a row (and its not even easy to find them in the Middle East), but people like Ella and companies built around similar values, help more than I can explain.


Honestly the only thing more exciting than the opening of the cafes was the fact that there were Deliciously Ella energy balls in Starbucks. I mean, Starbucks and Deliciously Ella? I knew Starbucks was my idea of heaven on earth, but this was surpassing even my wildest dreams. 

(The blue ones are the best, you heard it here first). 

Now, I am not a vegan. Nor do I have any intention of ever becoming one. I say this with a huge bucketload of hesitation, because I know its a really complex issue and some people would be upset by the idea that I have not considered it. I’m just being honest, I haven’t and I don’t see myself doing so anytime soon. I do really admire people who are socially conscious enough to go down that road, I guess I am just not socially conscious enough in the away. 

Disclaimer aside and that being said, I am also not a massive meat eater in all honesty. I can easily go without meat for long periods of time (not so milk or chocolate though). 

So quite honestly, Deliciously Ella’s style of cooking just really tickles my fancy because no chicken to chop up and dishes to rinse out a million times in fear of salmonella! Yes! 

I’m on board. 

I also feel lighter when I’m not downing massive amounts of meat, and whilst I know protein is important, let’s face it, I have probably never got enough protein nor ever will, so lets focus on the tasty stuff instead shall we? 


At this point, I own literally even single book Ella has ever come out with and that is something I never intend to change. I was super excited for her most recent publication, The Plant Based Cookbook, because along with the new look, it carries a host of the best loved recipes from the cafe. 

Now I’m likely to enjoy any Ella recipe from any Ella book, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than the recipes from the cafe itself. 

And since I definitely don’t live a Tube stop or two from Weighhouse Street (I would have exactly zero problem with doing that thank you), I’m not exactly getting my fill at the moment.

Enter: The Plant Based Cookbook. 

Released in August of 2018, this cookbook has got my really excited about following recipes again. I have to admit that I moved out to Iraq with a box full of heavy cookbooks, none of which have been opened since arriving in their new home (bottom shelf of the bookcase in the spare room, gathering dust valiantly). 


Some of my favorites upon perusing the book are the amazing Asian inspired salads and the honestly incredibly indulgent brownies, that are always holding pride of place at the deli counter (and often getting sold out!). I can recognize a few yummy sounding delights from my last trip to the cafe over the summer and I can’t wait to get started and try to magic them up myself. 

Most of all, I can’t wait to enjoy getting healthier. 

When you first move countries its kind of like having a baby in a tiny, tiny way. You’re finding your feet and just about trying to manage, so fancy cooking is not top of the agenda exactly. But it’s been awhile now and I’m ready to treat myself, in the least treat myself kind of way, like with avocado mousse or sweet potato brownies. 

To each their own right? 

Heres to the next chapter in my cooking adventures, with this awesome companion by my side. Stay tuned for recipe try outs and updates coming soon!