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I loved putting together my last list of my favorite podcasts almost as much as I love listening to podcasts themselves, not gonna lie. 

Podcasts have really been getting me through the day, whilst adjusting to a new life having my own home, my own space, far away from family, and with my husband out of the house at work for most of the day. The constant stream of fascinating chatter isn’t only educational and thought provoking, or entertaining, its also made me feel like a part of the wider world. Being ‘stuck’ in a rather remote corner of the world you can start to feel a little cut off and isolated and all these amazing podcasts have been a great remedy for that. 

So without further ado, here are some more podcasts I’ve been loving lately (in no particular order)!

Pretty Big Deal

I actually discovered Pretty Big Deal on YouTube and was really pleased to discover it was actually a podcast and that the YouTube videos are just recorded video versions (also great to be honest and so nice being actually about to see Ashley Graham and her host of incredible guests), but a podcast just makes it so much easier to consume all these fascinating discussions! In the one hour sessions, Ashley interviews women who are as remarkable as she is, and they discuss literally everything, depending on who the guest is. This isn’t a light and chatty podcast but its not super heavy or serious either- its a great blend of both. It covers weighty topics with plenty of laughter thrown in, and I can’t wait to see who comes on the show next. 

Woman’s Hour 

I found women’s hour through a recommendation on YouTube, and at first I was like, right this is so not the kind of podcast I can get into. It’s a lot more serious than my usual fair, a production from the BBC that discusses, you know, real issues and semi political things, the goings on of the day from a women’s perspective. And I mean, I was partly right. There are many episodes that I can happily listen to, but wouldn’t voluntarily really get into, because the subjects discussed aren’t yet in my sphere or interest. But that said, there are some episodes that are absolutely fascinating and have the most engaging panel of guests. And the best part is that there’s an absolute plethora of episodes, one coming out almost every day of the week, so you can really pick and choose the subjects that do call to you. 

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink 

Now… who has not heard of Scarlett Curtis’ Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (the book). I mean, its for sale on Asos. Along with the likes of In the Frow’s New Fashion Rules, if a books on Asos, you know its huge. I’ve bought the book but not had a chance to really sink into it yet, but I’ve really been enjoying the podcast, even though I literally know nothing about feminism, I am not gonna lie. I think for women like me, its a really easy accessible way to learn more about the subject, not just from an academic view, or a cultural view, but from really personal views- personal views of all the women guests who come on and really openly hash out their experience of the world of feminism. You don’t need me to tell you to listen to it because I’m definitely not the only one talking about this very, very culturally relevant podcast. 

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Currently Trending 

This is one of the most recent podcasts I’ve discovered, and I was so delighted to find such a lovely, crisp, professional and thought provoking podcast coming out of my own home town! Currently Trending has a variety of hosts, a variety of guests, and they cover a whole range of topics to do with the fashion industry, and it’s various troubles and foibles. I like the fact that they often feature Dubai based bloggers and Instagrammers as guests to come on and discuss these subjects, because not only is it really nice to see a locally grown community based podcast thats created in a professional and slick way, but it also really gives you chance to really hear the voices and thoughts of the people you follow in your own vicinity, something that you don’t often get to do here. 

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day

Author and journalist Elizabeth Day really hit the nail on the head when she decided to start a podcast all about failure. Not the first subject just comes to mind when you think of creating an inspiring listen, but inspiring it is. Elizabeth’s had her fair share of failure (who hasn’t?) and she brings in all kinds of familiar and timely guests, one of my favorite being Farrah Storr, editor of Cosmo UK, to talk about their own varied failures, and how those failures actually shaped them and the trajectory of their lives. It’s actually far more light hearted and inspiring than it would sound on the surface and Elizabeth is a sharp and astute interviewer, who really brings out a great balance in the wonderful guests she brings on. Definitely a must listen no matter what walk of life you’re on. 

Love Stories With Dolly Alderton 

Have I made it clear on this blog yet that I’m a fan of Dolly? Well, frankly, who isn’t? But here’s another favorite podcast hosted by one of my female idols. I already love the High Low and check in with it all the time, but Love Stories is a totally different game, all about the guests and the stories, and really, really charming, and just slightly romantically old world. Guests on the podcast spend an hour chatting about love ‘stories’ that defined their lives, promoted by questions from Dolly about their great loves, with a twist on the question every time. My favorite episode is definitely the one with Marian Keyes, a beloved author of mine and like every other females, and the podcast is a lovely, relaxing, warm listen, that everyone should give a go. 

Woman Getting Married

Right. I totally discovered this podcast at the wrong time! I wish, wish, wish I had got into podcasts earlier in the year, and discovered this gem before I actually got married. But it’s never too late to pick up some tips, am I right? Woman Getting Married is definitely a podcast with a niche audience, but the subjects covered sometimes carry valuable insight for just, women in general to be honest! The podcast is an accompaniment to the website of the same name, where founder Lindsay Jones and her husband Cory, answer questions sent in by readers and listeners, all about their own wedding queries. It’s chatty, it’s fun, they bounce well off each other, and it’s always fun to go back and submerge yourself in the wedding planning madness, even if yours has come and gone. 

My Life in Books

I’m not a great one for podcasts from ‘official’ avenues. There are a ton of I’m sure fascinating BBC podcasts (apart from Women’s Hour) that have been recommend to me by everyone, and you know what, I actually feel like they must be really amazing, but I’ve not really been able to make that leap and get into them yet (I hope to, at some point). So when the Telegraph announced My Life in Books I really didn’t think I would find myself listening to it. But hey like I mentioned, I love Marian Keyes. So when I saw her name on the list of upcoming authors, I found myself subscribing. And I’m so glad I did! It’s really reigned a passion in my for book related podcasts, and the stories the authors tell are so personal and so enchanting that I find myself wanting to go back and listen to the tales of authors I’m not already in love with. And I think that’s the sign of a pretty good podcast. 

Pretty Basic 

If you’re a long time Youtube lover, there is no way on the planet you don’t know Alisha Marie and Remi Ashten. I really don’t need to introduce these two. Their podcast stormed the charts when it first launched, so that says enough as it is. Both Alisha and Remi are super familiar to their viewers because of just how much of their lives they actually share on YouTube, but it still pleasantly surprised me to discover this totally new side of them that the podcast brings out. It’s still a podcast in its infancy with just a few episodes out, but with topics like boys and social media (as you would expect from the pair) told with a ton of natural laughter and banter, you really can’t get bored of a conversation where Alisha and Remi are on board. You can be sure that there will be lots and lots of people listening, and I am certainly going to be one of them!

And that’s it! There you have it, my second podcast round up. At the rate I’m going, I’m sure I’ll have even more very soon, but first, I’m going to go and soak up some more podcast loveliness! Happy listening!

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