How To Have A Reset Day


I’ve not been blogging long, but I’ve been blogging hard. 

When I decided to finally bite the bullet and get back into the world of blogging (I’ve had about four old blogs back in the day, all of which has mercifully disappeared from the annals of the Internet), I did so full force, hit the ground running, gave it my 100 per cent. I had all the blog plans, the schedules, the content calendars, the social accounts following like everyone (I do follow far too many people but I actually genuinely want to follow all of them!). 

My 100 per cent may not be everyone else's’, but I gave it as much as I could whilst also adjusting to life in a new role and new place. 

I was all in when it came to blogging. Priorities priorities priorities. I never took a day off. 

And then life got in the way. 

image2 copy 2-2.jpg

Last week,  I was forced to take some time away from the blog because there was just too much going on, and the blog was the dispensable, no matter who important it is to me as an individual, no matter how much it means to my own personal sense of fulfillment. 

And now I want to and need to get back to blogging, and suddenly, inexplicably, it feels really clunky to me. 

So what does a girl do? 

Apparently, if you listen to online world, the answer is a reset day. 

The concept of reset days really fascinate me. I love New Years, I love the start of a new month, and a reset day kind of feels like my own, pick it as you go along, total refresh. And that is just awesome. 

But how does one have a successful reset day? How do you have a reset day that isn’t just glib advice and silly surface level stuff that is going to have exactly no long term impact, and leave you feeling exactly as un-reset as you did the day before? 


I felt like I had to figure it out and I had to figure it out fast. After all, Monday wasn’t waiting for anyone. Certainly not for me. 

So after lots of blog post reading, YouTube bingeing and generally procrastinating the resetting, this is what I figured finally works for me (and I did follow through on it or I probably wouldn’t be here posting this). 

First… Set a Date 

You can get up and reset literally right now. And I often think thats the best approach- do something as and when it occurs to you. But if you really, really need a proper good old lasting reset, then that might not be the approach to opt for. I prefer to set myself a date (that date can be tomorrow, so you don’t put it off too much) because that signals to me that I need to pep myself up in time, store up some energy, and it takes away the stress and the urge to procrastinate (because you already in a tiny way, are). 

I’m a big, big fan of the Sunday (that would be a Saturday for my Middle East compatriots) Reset Day trope, and if you’re coming up on a weekend that’s just perfect- but if you’re not, pick any old day that works, preferably not more than two to three days away from when you realize you desperately need that reset.


Then… Have Fun. No, Seriously.  

A reset day is relaxing but also productive, in a sense, so until that date is upon you, go ahead and kick back, indulged yourself and have fun. Don’t take things too seriously, don’t worry if your to do’s are a collapsing pile of confusion, and don’t force yourself to start anything, finish anything, or review anything. This is true down time, and you need to take advantage of it, because you won’t be having much of it in the days to come. 

Start The Day Right… 

When your chosen date rolls around, this is when the work really begins. How does an ideal day begin for you? For me, that’s a trip to Starbucks for a classic stripped back no flavor iced latte by myself, to sip at slowly, and just settle. I need about a half hour to really feel refreshed by this (and this is definitely not something I do only in the mornings!). 

For many people an ideal start may be closer to home, or more restorative than a shot of caffeine and bright lights. Don’t force yourself to start your morning the way you think you should though. If meditation, walks, yoga, and green tea (honestly it’s disgusting) aren’t your thing, then don’t force them into your morning because you think they’ll bring a degree of zen to you. They won’t- you’ll just be bored or restless, and not feel like yourself. 

But if your ideal start to the morning is hitting the snooze button for an hour, maybe take a different approach just this one day. You want to start the day with a treat to yourself that also wakes you up and gets your mind switched on for the rest of the day. 


Tackle The Mental Admin

I’m definitely of the ilk that can’t concentrate in a cluttered space, I totally get it. But if your house and your plans are both a total mess, you want to leave your house aside this one time, and work on your plans first. Because I don’t know about you, but my mind is most alert first thing in the morning and by the afternoon, I’m definitely not my sharpest anymore. 

We all have a lot of clutter in our minds at the moment, and it can pile up and up dangerously day after day if it isn’t addressed, sorted, and managed in some small way. On a reset day, it’s time to go whole hog and do a massive brain dump. Brain dumps are amazing. They don’t require sorting, prioritizing, or even any kind of discretion at all really. Just get a pen and paper or open your basic Notes app and literally, dump everything from your brain down, into words, now, without thinking, without revising, without categorizing. 

A brain dump can be so soothing and help clear your brain so quickly. Sure the list might be a mess and a mass of jumbled half sentences about everything from picking up more cereal to cleaning your makeup to writing a cover letter, but it doesn’t matter right now. What matters is the fact that it’s no longer all crammed up in here, in your brain, pinging off the sides of the your mental space, and causing you levels of stress you’re not even aware of. 

It’s down there- on paper or your trusty Notes app, and if it’s down there in black and white, its not half so daunting anymore. You haven’t forgotten anything. You’re not going to caught out. You don’t have to wrack your brain to get rid of that what if I’ve forgotten something feeling. It suddenly and miraculously makes everything else overwhelming. 

And you look at it and think, yup I can do this. Whatever this is.


Sort That Mental Admin Out 

This is the time I like to go and have a little pick me up or treat, because the next bit gets a little tricky and its one of the more important parts of a great and effective reset day. Or take a walk, go out for a quick coffee, give yourself a 15 minute YouTube binge- just clear your mind of the list you’ve just poured out, and prep yourself to come back with a clear mind, feeling refreshed. 

Sorting out your brain dump is a process you need to be meticulous about. If you have 50 items on this haphazard list, you need to prune them down and categorize them. Maybe you have 30 blog related tasks and 20 home related tasks. This is the time to wade through them, shuffle them about, and create a series of lists that you have confidence you can productively tackle tomorrow. 

And when you’re done with the sorting, set it aside. You’re done for the day with your endless to do’s. None of it needs doing today, just sorting. The sorting is all important. 


Clean That Environment Up!

Remember how I said you needed to tackle that mental clutter before you could tackle any real clutter? Well, now’s the time for the real clutter. Clutter in your space, hidden away in your dumping drawer, or in your everyday handbag, can start to drag you down on a really subconscious visceral level, so nows the time to get it out of the way, to clear the cobwebs, and to lay the foundation for the days to follow. 

Everyone’s reset day clean up will look massively different- if you’re regularly on top or your space it may literally be a quick dust down and vacuum; if you’re a little more behind it the cleaning department, it may take you a good few hours. Don’t shy away form this step no matter how tedious it may feel, because chores hanging about at the back of your mind really weigh you down, even if they’re something simple that when you apply yourself, will literally take 15 minutes to complete! Commit for those 15 minutes and win yourself back some mental peace of mind. 


Do Something Healthy 

The very main aim of a good resent day is to feel refreshed at the end of it. To feel cleansed and happy and healthy. Health can mean a lot of different things to different people and feeling healthy is even more ambiguous and not easily arrived at. For me, a good sweat session does make me feel healthy, cliche as it sounds. 

There’s something very cleansing about sweating it out and being tired for the effort. I find that the most healthful workout sessions for me personally are the ones that are just outside of my comfort zone, the ones I can do with just that little extra bit of difficulty, just that little more effort than I want to expend. So I would opt for something like circuit training or HITT or a great high energy Zumba class, and I would know that even though I would feel tired after, I would also feel incredibly refreshed from the inside out, and that’s exactly what you need to feel. 

For someone else, it may look like a run in the park, getting moving in nature, a yoga session, hot or cold, or something entirely unrelated to movement at all. Whatever it is, make sure you leave an hour or two for it, because its absolutely vital for a reset. 


Do Something Life Affirming

I know this is vague and ambiguous and a little cliche and woo woo sounding, but when you get past the cringe of it, but when you do something life affirming, something to nourish your soul, it really can feel like a reset all of its own. 

For me this might be finding a new song I love, or watching a video that I really feel inspired by, whether its actually inspirational in nature or just a chatty vlog from my favorite YouTuber. 

Take the time out to really absorb whatever it is that feeds your inner self and enjoy the process with all your attention. 


Pick An Outfit!

I think it really helps when you know what you’re going to wear the next day. It not only puts you in the mood to wear an outfit that makes you feel good, but it takes some of the confusion out of the next morning where you could find yourself staring into your wardrobe with no idea what to pull out. 

You also want to make sure you don’t fall into the trap of wearing something on your first day to real life, that doesn’t make you feel great, or makes you feel uncomfortable as the day wears on. 

So spend some time thinking about what makes you feel extra cute, set it aside, and get excited. This is the right day for those special booties and for actually bothering to wear all your arm candy. 


Take Some Time to Relax but Not Sleep 

I think a good two to three hours of wind down, pure relaxation time, is the right way to end off a reset day. It’s rare that you just sit down and let yourself be, and by no means am I suggesting an hour sitting on the sofa doing nothing, but an hour or two of single minded lazing and reading or just browsing your favorite online stores, can be really restorative and slow, a slower pace being just what you need to really let your body relax and unwind.

If you’re into baths this is the time to indulge in one. 

If you’re into long quiet evening walks this is the time to take one! 

Get In Bed and Chill! 

Getting in bed at the end of the night is one of my favorite parts of any day, and I know I’m not alone in feeling that way! You’ve worked hard today and the hard work is only just starting. So get in bed early, cozy up, prop your pillows against the headboard, and let your mind wander until you gently and naturally fall asleep. You’ve earned it.